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Greenbriar Capital TSXV:GRB, www.greenbriarcapital.com

5 years 11 months ago #120735 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: Greenbriar Capital TSXV:GRB, www.greenbriarcapital.com
Last Fridays press release, seems they are connected in high places

2018-06-08 15:32 ET - News Release

Mr. Jeffrey Ciachurski reports


Greenbriar Capital Corp. is working with members of the United States Congress, which is in the process of actively considering legislation to federalize PREPA to address the inability of PREPA to meet its obligations. Greenbriar is the only renewable energy developer that is actively and directly working with key members of Congress and its staff in supporting federalization. Greenbriar is optimistic that such legislation will be enacted during this session of Congress.

Federalizing PREPA will provide renewable energy developers assurances from the U.S. government that will help with long-term stability of the electrical grid and a return to an investment-grade credit rating.

The company grants 150,000 common share stock purchase options to a consultant at $1.10 per share for a term of five years.

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5 years 11 months ago #120733 by RonS
RonS created the topic: Greenbriar Capital TSXV:GRB, www.greenbriarcapital.com
Greenbriar offers exceptional value through 4 main operating divisions. Management has a history of working for shareholders with little shareholder dilution. Currently just 18M shares out

Their Montalva solar project in Puerto Rico is being fast tracked by the US Congress Financial Oversight and Management Board. The project has obtained $315M in build out financing and
once complete will generate approx US$58M/year revenue to Greenbriar with no share dilution.

They also have a 132 acre land tract in southern California. They have engaged Co-Create Living, it's founder Stuart Nacht has over 40 years experienced in real estate construction and development. Greenbriar's plan is to develop and sell over 1,000 residential town home units.
This could net the company US$260 million.

SMART GLASS which will become prominent in future buildings also looks promising for Greenbriar "At a touch of a switch you can enjoy either privacy or open space - and save substantially on your energy costs as well."

Realblock is a blockchain technology for title search and insurance for real estate. Title Search of Arizona and Landmark Title Assurance also of Arizona have implemented Greenbriar's Realblock solution
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