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  • Thank you Ron, and Happy New year. Congratulations on your good work. One of the few honest and knowledgeable news letter guys I have followed over the years. And kudos on your courage resisting the bullshit on the so called pandemic, the real hoax was the management thereof.. You were one of the very few in this country to do so, and better and more forthright than most. This moral fortitude of yours re covid merely parallels your stuff on the market side.      Joe C, January 2023
  • Thanks Ron for the prompt reply. Just to let you know that your tips and ideas are invaluable to my investment over the years. I greatly appreciated the good effort from your part................Frank Tan from Calgary May 2020


  • Dear Ron, Firstly, thank you once again for the excellent investment advice you have provided me with consistently for many years. You started your email yesterday ....... Andew Clive Feb/17
  • Excellent work, analysis and service. "Van Krichbaum", BC Canada.
  • I like the way you analyze a company and give and idea of the valuation it currently has. You seem to do a better job at digging up the key points. John Alton
  • I think you come with some great ideas and give good value. Robin
  • Thanks Ron - another great Report - Robert
  • Wow, the call on the BGM break out just over $0.30 was bang on. I am up over 100% now   Ron Keleher
  • Helped me a bundle Ron, dumping my Oil stocks and buying back the end of 2015 - Just a Doodlebugger
  • Ron, you called it right! PTM is up sharply. Andrew
  • hi ron
    panaro is looking good,starting to break out, nice call. where in very cheap. ron do you ever look at rare earth companies? Rob G
  • Dear Ron, I am a great fan of your newsletter. I can't stop wondering why you have a strong buy recommandation of ….... Petran
  • Thanks ron. Keep up the great work. Nice run recently for some of the lagging stocks. Rob
  • Hi Ron, I have noticed Eastmain shares moving higher on volume. Any news? Would this be considered a breakout? Would it be a good time to purchase some more. The chart is almost like a set of stairs. Trevor
  • Thanks much Ron, that's very helpful. Love your newsletter. Sid
  • Thank you, Ron. I received both.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given me on my investment. The picks were above average.
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