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The Gold Stock Short Barometer combines the twice monthly reported short positions in Canada and the U.S. on 20 Top Gold stocks as a total number. The actual number is not important but trends and changes have proven so. Members may view the data base for stats on any of the 20 stocks and index comparisons.

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Faang Stocks Short Barometer

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Inflation, Gold or Bitcoin, Oil & Gas, Commodities and Option trading

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2023 Newsletter Samples

Struthers Report V29 # 2.6 Future Markets Compromised, Energy, Gold, Rates, ZON interview Feb., 21, 2023


Most Recent 2022 Newsletter Samples (recent to older)

Struthers Report V28 # 16.3 Gold, Markets, Economy, ATCO, ET, DHT, Oil, Millennium C$Leaving Nov. 30, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 16.2, Gold, Natural Gas, Oil, BIR, CPE, ESTE, BitCoin new low Nov., 22, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 16.0 Gold, Buy back Gold stocks, CPE Nov., 8, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 15.0 Gold, Newmont NEM Nov., 2, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 12.0 TC Energy better than a GIC, Atlas takeover so buy DHT Holdings Oct. 7, 2022

Some Past 2022 Newsletter Samples (older to recent)

Struthers Report V28 # 1.3 Outlook 2022, Will Covid crash markets again, Fed, Gold, SASY, GRB Jan. 10, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 2.6 Sell Moderna and BioNTech Put Options, ZON, GRB Jan. 26, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 4.4 Sell all Gold and Oil Call Options and Pfizer Put Option Mar. 10, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 7.7 Crypto collapse, long way to go. PPI inflation, TSXV index May, 12, 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 10.3 Sell/short Canadian Banks, Real estate woes, CIBC CM, BNS, ZEB July 4 2022

Struthers Report V28 # 10.0 Oil, Buy back Birchcliff BIR, RECO, Callon Petroleum CPE June 22 2022



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