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Thank you for your interest in the Struther's Report and We believe it is the best investment newsletter in North America – but of course we are biased. It is experienced – almost 27 years in publication and among the very first internet newsletters. Approximately 15 to 20 new stock selections each year and plenty of updates in between - pretty much something on a weekly basis and we use the 'Sell' word and Stop/losses. Independent research and we basically focus in 5 market areas:

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Market & Economic Analysis
“The trend is you friend” is a very accurate phrase. It is important to analyze the major trends in the markets. You want to be in that market sector in a Bull market and avoid or short in a bear market. Currently we believe US equity markets have ended their Bull market and a new Bear market has begun. Gold is in a new bull market. We have been one of the few publications to accurately forecast the Fed on Interest rates, the Covid19 panic and Bear Market rally on March 24th..

Disruptive & Emerging Technologies
I had a 30 year career with IBM so am well versed about technology. The focus is new technology that could have a big impact in a particular tech sector and your portfolio. We were first into RIMM (now Blackberry) at $3.50. We sold out perhaps early at $100 as it went to $200. Net 1 that became Gemplus another with gains well over 1000%. Now we follow a company that has next technology for mobile proximity marketing, another with leading technology to extract gold, lithium and CBDs and another with an exciting cancer cure. They have cured cancer in mice and human trials have begun.


 Performance - I started tracking newsletter performance to Bench marks in 2000 hence the graph above. We have a long term focus but that was getting too long. I thought after the 2008 crash was another good point to measure from - since then we have been in a Bull Market (until very recent), especially the tech stocks. We have made substantial gains much better than the best index, the NASDAQ, see below right..

Dividend Stocks
In 2003 I started what I called the Mighty Millennium Index. I knew we were entering a period of low interest rates and investors needed a market segment to earn safe yields. The index contains around 8 to 12 stocks in various sectors, like Energy, Pharmaceutical, Consumables and Real Estate with some Trusts as well. The annual yield is in the 5% to 7% range. $1,000 invested in 2003 compounded annually was $4,073 at Dec 31 2014. While $1,000 invested in 2009 is almost $2,000 at Dec 31, 2019. It does not perform as well in roaring bull markets because it is meant more for yield. We sold the Energy stocks in 2014 perhaps early but dodged a bullet none the less. I expect to be adding some back on in the next year or so as energy rolls along a bottom.

performance2009 2019

 Mining and Precious Metals

This was a booming sector up until 2011/12 and we made fortunes in too many precious metal stocks to mention. We are still suggesting a weighting in the physical metals but were holding very few stocks in this sector until 2020  The sector was  bottoming out in late 2015 and started adding Gold stocks back in as the reversal patterns  we were watching for began to emerge. We were stopped out of most of those positions, but have been buying back in March/April 2020.

Energy – Oil & Gas
In this sector we suggest conventional oil&gas companies as well as alternate/green energy. As mentioned above we sold a lot of Oil&Gas companies in 2014, but plan on adding some back in 2020 and 2021. We picked up a couple bargains in the 2020 crash, but have already sold these, susch as Pembina mentioned above.

Investment Strategies we use

In this regard we are some what unconventional.

Mostly we are long term orientated but offer short term trading ideas in the Elevator Room (stocks that go up and down)  get the pun!!  :). For short term we also suggest a handful of different Option plays throughout the year, mostly straight Puts or Calls and some ETFs

The Millennium Index is strickly long term with a focus on yield and income. We make a few adjustments each year, selling some and buying others.

With our long term investment strategy we use trailing stop/losses to protect profits and limit losses but leave lots of room for the stock to fluctuate, especially when we are in a good profit situation. We use certain points on the chart, with the believe if the stock dropped to this point there has to something wrong with the investment or the market trend is changing.

More to come soon on

Mental stop/loss........................

Averaging down and part profit strategys ........................

Always remember the big money is made long term, buying the right stocks that see big growth, in new markets, are leaders. You can make a fortune if you just buy and take part profits but hold some of the stock long term.

Imagine buying Microsoft when it first came out

We have done this many times with stocks going up 1,000s% and even more that 10,000%

  • Reserch in Motion at $3.50 went to over $200
  • NetOne, the first with a banking smart card, became Gemplus than bought out again over 10,000% gains
  • Ultra Petroleum at $0.50 to over $70, I use to call it the Energizer Bunny
  • Other Oil stocks, like Oilexco up over 1,600%
  • Probably 20 or more precious metal stocks with over 1,000% gains, for example we bought Goldcorp at $4 and went to over $50
  • I was probably the only one to recommend the same stock twice and make over 1,000% both times. Western Silver, check it out if you care to. It was certainly the only time for me to be so fortunate!


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