1 year 3 weeks ago #123198 by Goldman
Goldman replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Very good trading today .
Should soon test last weeks high price of 52 cents
Nice to see

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1 year 4 weeks ago #123152 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Volume down today in Frankfurt, looks like rally has run it's course and we will get some consolidation now. If it corrects too far, plan to buy more

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1 year 4 weeks ago #123150 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
should be another good day and new highs, 1.6M traded on Frankfurt so far and stock is up 19% there


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1 year 4 weeks ago #123149 by DearJohn
DearJohn replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Great news this morning, nice award and great management addition in Germany

TÜV Süd, Lahr Germany, Head Engineer Resigns to Join dynaCERT GmbH and dynaCERT’s HydraGEN(TM) Wins Gold Award from ESQR in Germany

TORONTO, July 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- dynaCERT Inc. (TSX VENTURE: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) ("dynaCERT" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has appointed Mr. Michael Mayer, M.Sc., Dipl. Ing (FH) as Product and Sales Support Manager and the field service technician & technical training Instructor based in Germany working for dynaCERT GmbH, dynaCERT’s subsidiary in Germany.

As the Head Engineer from TÜV Süd in Lahr, Germany (TÜV Süd) Mr. Mayer oversaw the testing of dynaCERT’s HydraGEN™ Technology for the purposes of ABE certification for Germany. After being originally sceptical about the technology and after overseeing the rigorous and successful testing four different times at TÜV Süd, Mr. Mayer has concluded that the opportunity to work with dynaCERT and implementing the HydraGEN™ Technology is the future of diesel.

Mr. Mayer’s background, experience and respect within the automotive and mining industries throughout Europe makes him the perfect candidate for assuming the responsibility in sales and product support of the Company’s HydraGEN™ Technology in Germany and throughout Europe.

Mr. Mayer’s background is extensive. He is a designated Authorized Expert for mining vehicles and a designated Authorized Expert for road traffic in Europe. Prior to his role as Head Engineer at TÜV Süd Auto Service GmbH Service Center, Freiburg, Germany, Mr. Mayer was a Development Engineer (powertrain) at DaimlerChrysler in Stuttgart, Germany and a Research Engineer at Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics in Freiburg, Germany. Mr. Mayer holds a Degree in Automotive Engineering (Master of Science) from the University of Applied Science Offenburg, Germany and Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Diplom-Ingenieur (FH)) from the University of Applied Science in Offenburg, Germany.

Mr. Michael Mayer, dynaCERT’s new Product and Sales Support Manager in Germany stated, “This opportunity to apply my decades of technical experience and training expertise to support dynaCERT’s clients and the HydraGEN™ Technology is extremely appealing. I look forward to my new vocation with the Company to foster the application of a revolutionary technology that will save diesel fuel and CO2 pollution around the world.”

Enrico Schlaepfer, dynaCERT’s Global Vice President of Sales said, “As we grow our European market, the building of our team of industry experts, such as Michael Mayer, is an important responsibility. This team of professionals will advance the penetration of our HydraGEN™ Technology into new European markets. As part of our strategy of hiring and co-opting the best experts possible, I am extremely pleased to welcome Michael to the dynaCERT team.”

ESQR Award:

dynaCERT is also pleased to announce that is has received the Gold Certificate Award from The European Society for Quality Research (“ESQR”) in Germany (see www.esqr.org ). ESQR’s mission is to enhance quality in wherever organizations willing to understand and commit to adhering to the European Values on which the ESQR Quality Performance Model is based. ESQR states in its web site that: “Quality makes a positive contribution to most aspects of our lives by ensuring desirable characteristics of products and services. ESQR promotes quality awareness, recognizes good business practices, technological innovation, quality achievements in organizations worldwide, and publicizes these organizations’ successful performance strategies. ESQR also provides solutions to enable organizations from any industry, irrespective of its size and geographic location, to learn the tools and techniques for managing quality as well as address global challenges.” ESQR hosts associates from academia, industry and international organizations. In addition, ESQR partners with corporate executives, academic experts, manufacturing specialists, engineers, scientists and technicians around the world to carry out its activities and projects.

Mr. Wolfgang Klatzer, Marketing and PR Manager Europe at dynaCERT GmbH, stated, “It is a great honor to be the winner of the 2019 ESQR Quality Choice Award in the Gold category. The European Society for Quality Research promotes technological innovations, among other things, worldwide. We are very proud and thankful to be chosen by the European-member companies. This award will contribute to our success in Europe.”

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1 year 4 weeks ago #123148 by alexgreat
alexgreat replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
GB, looks like it happened today, nice breakout. I expect we go higher tomorrow. I bought and added to my position twice, sitting on some nice gains now. This puppy has a lot further to go.

Near term, I think we hit 60

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1 year 4 weeks ago #123146 by JunglistGuy
JunglistGuy replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Maybe Ron was very conservative with his $50 million revenue number. If they do 1 million units at $6,000 each that is $6 billion in revenue, of course would happen over a number of years. Still very big potential

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1 year 4 weeks ago #123144 by lynnsa10
lynnsa10 replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Glad I added to my position last week too. I had a hunch the buying was from Germany and so it is, here are some details


Below you can find the English version - long story short: HYDROGEN is the key word


The Norwegian company NEL ASA, headquartered in Oslo, focuses on the production, storage and sale of hydrogen from renewable energies. NEL operates internationally and operates hydrogen filling stations in Norway, Germany, the USA and Korea. The production of hydrogen by electrolysis and the corresponding clean applications currently enjoy the attention of investors. The Canadian company dynaCERT Inc. from Toronto recently won the German Innovation Award for its HydraGEN electrolysis technology.


NEL's business model covers the value chain for hydrogen trading. The company is expected to generate sales of 60 million euros this year and had over 70 million euros in cash in its account at the end of the first quarter of 2019. In the first three months of this year, the company achieved sales of around 12 million euros and burned around 5 million euros. In 2018 as a whole, NEL generated sales of around 48 million euros and losses of around 18 million euros. With a share price of 0.75 euros and over 1.2 billion shares, the market value of NEL is around 900 million euros.


dynaCERT's award-winning HydraGEN electrolysis technology generates hydrogen on demand and is used in diesel engines. The air supply adds hydrogen and oxygen to the combustion process and increases efficiency. The company's customers usually operate bus or truck fleets, but the technology can also be used in mining, on ships and in locomotives. In short: the HydraGEN units can be used with all diesel engines. Only last week, the company announced its cooperation with a partner in Mexico, which could result in sales of up to 1 million HydraGEN units. The wholesale price per unit in Canada is around CAD 6,000. dynaCERT invested over CAD 50 million in the development of this technology, which became ready for series production in 2019.


NEL and dynaCERT differ significantly in their business models. While NEL focuses on infrastructure and supply, which is extremely cost-intensive, dynaCERT relies on the serial sale of aftermarket equipment to enable customers to consume less diesel while reducing emissions of nitrogen, particulate matter, CO2, etc. The dynaCERT market is very large with over 1 billion diesel engines worldwide. If the Canadians sell 15,000 HydraGEN units this year, they will achieve the same turnover as NEL. It can be assumed that HydraGEN's margin will be high and that the company will be profitable. With a stock market value of around 50 million euros, dynaCERT is valued significantly lower than NEL. The price development of the two companies remains exciting in comparison.

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1 year 4 weeks ago #123143 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Glad I added to my position last week with Ron's update, what excellent timing, Here is a quick chart I put together, if we break 40 cents, away we go. I bet it happens tomorrow or Thursday


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1 year 4 weeks ago #123142 by Gambler
Gambler replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
stock up big today on high volume, no news out, maybe some new coverage?

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1 year 3 months ago #122778 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Interview with Jim Payne of DYA, starts at 11 minute mark


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1 year 3 months ago #122600 by GoldnBoy
GoldnBoy replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
dynaCERT Targets Underground Mining with Original Equipment Manufacturer, Total Equipment Services Inc.

TORONTO, April 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- dynaCERT Inc. (TSX VENTURE: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) ("dynaCERT" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Total Equipment Services Inc. (“TES Inc.”), an underground mining equipment manufacturer, to adapt its HydraGENä Technology to build a safe, healthy and positive environment to the underground mining industry and its personnel. For dynaCERT, this significant agreement is the first with an Original Equipment Manufacturer.

TES Inc. has become a dealer of dynaCERT’s HydraGENä Technology and will immediately feature dynaCERT’s HG145 products to its clients in Canada.

In addition, dynaCERT and TES Inc. have agreed to collaborate together to create markets for innovative products aimed at the reduction of NOx, THC, Particulate Matter, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide in underground mining environments, globally, by the integration of HydraGENä Technology with equipment manufactured by TES Inc.

Total Equipment Services Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian company located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, which specializes in the distributing, servicing, rebuilding, and manufacturing of mining equipment. TES Inc. is a fully integrated mining supply company that provides product and service solutions to the mining industry. The company works closely with industry partners to evaluate their needs and develop customized solutions that keep their mines moving efficiently. TES Inc. is the proud manufacturer of SPARTA, a customizable line of utility vehicles, engineered for underground mining. SPARTA has gone through extensive development and has incorporated invaluable positive reaction from engineers, operators, and mine managers world-wide.

Kevin Whynott, President of TES Inc. commented, “At TES Inc. we are excited about the potential impact this partnership can have on creating a safer work environment for underground miners. These miners face serious health risks from exposure to diesel particulate matter contained in the exhaust released from heavy diesel-powered vehicles and equipment.

There is a need to focus on reducing emissions now. With newer technologies like HydraGENä Technology we may have the ability to significantly lower the emissions on pre-existing and new diesel equipment entering the mines every day.”

Jim Payne, President & CEO of dynaCERT stated, “We are very pleased to be working with TES Inc. and their experienced team to penetrate the world-wide underground mining market. Along with our recent award at the Mining Cleantech Challenge in Colorado in March this year, our collaboration with TES Inc. will enable our HydraGENä Technology to be recognized as a very beneficial product for the mining industry. I am looking forward to working with Kevin Whynott, CEO of TES, who, after our first meeting at PDAC this year, followed by his visit to our Toronto facilities where he witnessed our products and manufacturing, he very quickly recognized how our association would help achieve his commitments to safety and air quality in underground mining. Kevin clearly stated his number one concern was the reduction of NOx and particulate matter, which is exactly how HydraGENä Technology can be a solution to apprehensions of mining executives and employees.”

About dynaCERT Inc.
dynaCERT Inc. manufactures, distributes, and installs Carbon Emission Reduction Technology for use with internal combustion engines. As part of the growing global hydrogen economy, our patent-pending technology creates hydrogen and oxygen on-demand through electrolysis and supplies these through the air intake to enhance combustion, resulting in lower carbon emissions and greater fuel efficiency. Our technology is designed for use with all types and sizes of diesel engines used in on-road vehicles, reefer trailers, off-road construction, power generation, mining and forestry equipment, marine vessels and railroad locomotives. Website:www.dynaCERT.com

Except for statements of historical fact, this news release contains certain "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable securities law. Forward-looking information is frequently characterized by words such as "plan", "expect", "project", "intend", "believe", "anticipate", "estimate" and other similar words, or statements that certain events or conditions "may" or "will" occur. In particular, forward-looking information in this press release includes, but is not limited to the potential expansion into new markets, industries and segments, such as diesel- powered use of any the dynaCERT products and sales. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking information are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. We cannot guarantee future results, performance of achievements. Consequently, there is no representation that the actual results achieved will be the same, in whole or in part, as those set out in the forward-looking information.

Forward-looking information is based on the opinions and estimates of management at the date the statements are made, and are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those anticipated in the forward- looking information. Some of the risks and other factors that could cause the results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking information include, but are not limited to: uncertainty as to whether our strategies and business plans will yield the expected benefits; availability and cost of capital; the ability to identify and develop and achieve commercial success for new products and technologies; the level of expenditures necessary to maintain and improve the quality of products and services; changes in technology and changes in laws and regulations; the uncertainty of the emerging hydrogen economy; including the hydrogen economy moving at a pace not anticipated; our ability to secure and maintain strategic relationships and distribution agreements; and the other risk factors disclosed under our profile on SEDAR at www.sedar.com . Readers are cautioned that this list of risk factors should not be construed as exhaustive.

The forward-looking information contained in this news release is expressly qualified by this cautionary statement. We undertake no duty to update any of the forward-looking information to conform such information to actual results or to changes in our expectations except as otherwise required by applicable securities legislation. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information.

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1 year 5 months ago #122402 by alexgreat
alexgreat replied the topic: Dynacert Inc TSX:DYA OTC:DYFSF
Impressive addition today

dynaCERT Appoints Amir Farahi to its Board of Directors

TORONTO, March 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- dynaCERT Inc. (TSX VENTURE: DYA) (OTCQB: DYFSF) (FRA: DMJ) ("dynaCERT" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has appointed Mr. Amir Farahi to the Board of Directors.

Amir Farahi is a Government Relations and Public Affairs consultant. He is the Principal at Blackridge Strategy Inc. (“Blackridge”) one of the largest Government Relations firms in Southwestern Ontario. Blackridge has established a strong working relationship with all three levels of government in Canada, Federal, Provincial and Municipal, and has a solid track record with its clients in real estate, construction, labour, health care, and heavy industrial industries.

Amir was a senior advisor to Fanshawe College and was instrumental on the establishment of its innovation centre which led to the creation of Fanshawe’s Innovation Village i4C Hub in Q4 2018. This is a one stop centralized shop that supports and provides services through the Centre for Research and Innovation, the Library research team, the Canadian Centre for Product Validation, Centre for Advanced Research in Biotechnology and LEAP junction to innovators on campus.

Amir was a columnist for 3 years for Metroland Media Group, a subsidiary of TorStar Corporation and his columns were amongst the top read every year as ranked by the editorial team. He was a political commentator for Bell Media Inc. and has appeared regularly on Newstalk 1290 CJBK radio and CTV News in London. He was also Chair of the City of London’s Transportation Advisory Committee at a time when the City was planning a $500 million investment to implement Bus Rapid Transit. The project is part of the City’s 2030 Transportation Masterplan which is currently being implemented.

Amir is the Executive Director of the London Institute, an organization that in partnership with Farhi Holdings Corporation, TechAlliance and London’s Small Business Centre, has planned a $31.5 million entrepreneurship centre, (180,000 square feet) the largest in Southwestern Ontario. The entrepreneurship centre’s services will be built around TechAlliance (Regional Innovation Centre) and the London Small Business Centre, who will both be moving into the building’s first floor to provide entrepreneurs with one-stop access to supports, services, and workshops. TechAlliance will house its Immersive Digital Experiences Accelerator (IDEA) providing incubation and acceleration for the next generation of local video game developers and BURST for high-potential medical technology startups and scale-ups that will position London as a focal point for life sciences innovation. BURST provides intensive support to 30 companies, including approximately $3 million in cash and in-kind support.

Amir was also a Co-founder of FillSpaces Technologies Inc., which was a recipient of Ontario Centre of Excellence funding for its artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to its sales verticals and marketing channels. The company was funded by Western University’s business incubator (Propel) and accelerator.

Amir has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Western University. During his time at Western University, Amir founded the King’s University College Undergraduate Research Journal, a peer-reviewed publication by faculty showcasing four of the top research papers by students.

Mr. Farahi stated, “I am pleased to be joining the dynaCERT board at this important juncture of its growth. The company has a positive outlook as it expands into the North American, European, Middle Eastern, South Asian and South American markets. dynaCERT’s proprietary technology and the breadth of its patent portfolio is groundbreaking. My background in government relations, business development and public relations will help the company expand its public attention. I look forward to assisting dynaCERT with government relations and transactions while diligently focusing on driving an aggressive sales trajectory.”

Jim Payne, CEO of dynaCERT, commented, “Amir brings to our board a great penetration in relationships, furthering our existing Southwestern Ontario and other Canadian and international sales endeavours. Amir’s experience, public profile and relationships can be highly contributory to dynaCERT’s strengths and goals, being recognized as Canada’s leading Carbon Emission Reduction Technology Company. I trust that Amir’s renowned background will integrate very well with our highly dedicated Board of Directors and our appropriately focused Advisory Board which continues to establish dynaCERT’s expanding international profile in reducing carbon emissions and enhancing fuel efficiencies world-wide.”

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