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Jackpot Digital TSXV:JP OTC:JPOTF http://www.jackpotdigital.com

6 years 2 months ago #120219 by RonS
RonS created the topic: Jackpot Digital TSXV:JP OTC:JPOTF http://www.jackpotdigital.com
Jackpot Digital is at the right place with a very strong disruptive technology in the gaming industry.

The global gambling industry has been growing steadily and strongly at about 8 - 9% per year. That is about 3 times economic growth and strong growth is forecast until at least 2022.

Jackpot Digital has been in the electronic gaming machine market for many years and has a lot of experience, good contacts in the industry and growing revenues. Revenues for the 1st 9 months of 2017 were reported at $2.9 million from their industry-leading PokerPro ETG system, currently in operation with cruise lines, poker rooms and casinos.

However, what is exciting and an enormous leap from their PokerPro system is their new Jackpot Blitz™ electronic table. This is a large electronic Texas hold 'em table and much more. It is built on state of the art technology, with an 84-inch 4K ultra sensitive touchscreen capable of handling multiple touch points simultaneously.

The company is working on many Jackpot Blitz™ tables and this is just the tip of an iceberg. The numbers could be staggering.

Carnival is the cruise leader and operates 103 cruise liners worldwide according to Cruise MarketWatch. Royal Caribbean is next with 42 and then Norwegian with 26. All told there are 314 cruise liners and I expect Jackpot Blitz™ will catch on with all of them. JP already has their older tables in Carnival ships . I expect Carnival will install the new tables. Royal Caribbean and Norwegian will likely follow just to be competitive and if we ignore all the others, that would be around 170 cruise ships, just over half the market.

In 2016 there were 2169 casinos and 1517 poker rooms in Canada & the United States. To be conservative, if Jackpot capitalized on about 1/4 of that business with 1 table per casino then that is significant numbers, more than 1,000 tables in land based casinos.
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