Heelo (private) 50M shares out www.heelocoupons.com

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Ron Thank you so much for setting this up. Look forward to following the progress of HEELO.

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Key Mangement/directors/Advisors

Roy Choi, CEO
. has over 25 years of business management leadership and strategic sales and marketing experience, with a proven track record in direct sales marketing, building closed user groups and e-commerce. Mr. Choi was the youngest Organizational Director for the AlphaClub.com. His leadership and vision helped propel the company to achieve over a billion dollars in sales across 28 different countries in four years. His division, which included 85 executive sales managers and over 5000 sales agents, had the best sales track record in the organization, representing many Fortune 500 companies

Fadi Mansour, came on full time as EVP Business Development, Sales & Marketing .Fadi is currently working with some of the world’s best tech companies to bring their mobility solutions to market while at the same time leading the business development initiatives for the category at Ingram Micro, the worlds largest distributor of computer and technology products.

Ted McKechnie a Senior Executive in the consumer goods and service industries. CEO of The Davies Group of Companies and Chairman Canada's Technology for Food. Past CEO Humpty Dumpty Food, CEO of Maple Leaf Foods and senior positions at Kraft, General Foods, PepsiCo and Frito Lay.

Jeff Collier is founder and President of Stage 2 Data, a Canadian Premier, Award – winning cloud solution provider. Their customer base includes thousands of Canadian companies and predominately in the Insurance industry.

Mark Osbourne - seasoned sales professional currently working as the Director of Business Development for Intell Lighting, an industry leader in LED lighting and green energy space. Prior to entering infrastructure sales, Mark spent 4 and half years working for software giant SAP. After 2+ years as an Enterprise Account Manager on SAP’s Aerospace and Defence Team selling business analytics software to tier 1 defence contractors like Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and L-3 Communications.

Sandy Atwal has been a publisher in a number of magazines and most notably was Communications Manager, Research In Motion (BlackBerry), Waterloo, Ontario back in the days it was the market leader. Previous, Communications Specialist, Ministry of the Attorney General, Toronto.

Petrus Human, 17 years experience and is one of the world's specialist in cloud technologies and disaster recovery.

Jeff and Petrus are important to Heelo because they will have a massive cloud data base of users and retailers that could rival the likes of Twitter or Facebook. Everyone shops and looks for deals.

Heelo's business fits the Saas Model that is currently putting a value of between $200 to $600 per monthly active user (MAU). If 25% of Heelo's audience is active, and it equates to 58 million MAU and at $200/MAU is $11.6 billion valuation.

The Heelo Advantage
  • Consumers - easy to use App like Uber, no cumbersome online stuff or printing like Groupon or Coupons.com. Real time with mapping to enjoy discounts/loyalty offers anywhere/anytime.

  • Merchants, they are in Control of their promotions and advertising with a far less cost than Groupon and Coupons.com and it is ongoing.

  • Many Merchants will only use Groupon once, but they will use Heelo continuously.

  • Uber is just for taxi rides, Heelo is for everything.

  • Once a Merchant signs up with Heelo they will likely remain and not use other competitors.

  • It is totally different than anything out there as it is driven by the Merchants. Heelo is not a go between but a service provider that will enjoy continuous growing revenue stream.

Heelo different revenue model
  • Heelo has a continuous recurring and growing revenue stream from Merchants to be on the Heelo Map, perhaps $70 to $100 a year but just keeps growing. Then another revenue stream with small transaction fees every time a Consumer uses a coupon/promotion.

  • Heelo receives a license fees for the Merchant software and revenues on any Conversion.

  • Heelo's transaction fee is small so it makes it inexpensive for the Merchant. Heelo has approached 7 hundred business for a Alpha Test and has had very positive feed back. Merchants love it and we already know consumers will based on the Uber and Groupon usage.

  • Groupon and Coupons.com have considerable expense to entice consumers and grow their user groups so they have leverage to make deals with Merchants. Not required for Heelo

  • With Heelo, Merchants drive the user group to Heelo, through conversions and advertising of the Heelo App at their stores. Imagine restaurants/hotels, every table has a small fold card advertisement. “Download the Heelo App and receive instant and future discounts at The Best Steakhouse”. Many consumers will down load the App right at the table for instant savings as no online setup is required

Heelo works in two ways sort of push and pull.

Users do not need an App, they can benefit on deals with their favorite stores through loyalty deals with SMS and location proximity Beacon messages.

With the App users can search and download their own chosen deals, for ex: 'where is the best lunch deal within 6 blocks'

As of August 2017, Heelo is doing up to $1 million equity raise at C$0.65 cents per share, minimum investment C$35,000.

This will complete the App for iPhone and launch the first version, retail sales platform in Toronto area (GTA).
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