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Pretty amazing news yesterday

2019-04-10 09:28 ET - News Release

Mr. Tyrone Docherty reports


Deer Horn Capital Inc. will partner with first nation mineral exploration entrepreneur Allen Edzerza to explore highly prospective areas of Northern British Columbia. Deer Horn, which will hold 49 per cent of the venture, was invited to participate in Newco as part of Deer Horn's mission to find solutions for a more sustainable future by partnering with first nations groups and building long-term co-operation and relationships.

Tyrone Docherty, Deer Horn's president and chief executive officer, stated: "A key mandate of this venture is that Newco will further the vision of Mr. Edzerza, whereby first nations will achieve social and economic independence through the exercise of their inherent rights and title to mineral resources in their ancestral lands. They are to have full participation in the decision making, management processes and economic benefits associated with exploration, development and production."

Mr. Edzerza brings to the venture extensive historical knowledge and an intimate understanding of inherent rights, aboriginal title and exploration policies of British Columbia first nations. Mr. Edzerza is an elder from the T'Logodena Wolf Clan of the Tahltan Nation with 50 years of mineral exploration experience and insights in Northern British Columbia. He has served in various capacities with first nations, and in first nations organizations, governments and industry. Under the partnership agreement, Deer Horn will provide western science technical support and logistics for prospecting, exploration, permitting and financing.

Mr. Edzerza served with former B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell as special adviser on aboriginal issues. In this capacity, Mr. Edzerza assisted the Province to foster a better working relationship with first nations by improving communications and co-ordination between the Province and first nations. Mr. Edzerza's passion for improving the economic well-being of first nations is well known in the exploration and mining sector. He started his career at the Faro mine in the Yukon, has run a placer mining company, and has served as a lead and chief negotiator on numerous natural resource files for 30 years advising first nations governments and the governments of Canada and Yukon. Mr. Edzerza is also a celebrated artist with works displayed from Switzerland to Vancouver.

"This exciting and unprecedented opportunity aligns perfectly with our purpose and values," said Mr. Docherty. "We are most grateful for the invitation to participate with Mr. Edzerza, and we're honoured to help further his goal for B.C. first nations to explore and develop resources that will ultimately benefit first nations and, by extension, the public government and citizens of B.C. A fundamental tenet of Deer Horn has been to grow through partnership and stewardship, especially with first nations, and this venture provides us vast opportunities for both while working closely with first nations and local communities to promote local and regional economic participation."

The lands to be explored by Newco lie east of B.C.'s Golden Triangle mineral region in a large area hosting Kutcho's copper-zinc project and Coeur Mining's Silvertip silver-lead-zinc mine. The Golden Triangle has generated discoveries totalling more than 130 million ounces of gold, 800 million ounces of silver and 40 billion pounds of copper. It has also hosted some of the world's richest mines, including the historic Eskay Creek (Canada's highest-grade gold mine and world's fifth-largest silver producer) and Snip mines, the currently operating Red Chris gold-copper mine developed, and recently sold, by Imperial Metals and Pretium Resources' Brucejack gold-silver mine.

Retreating glaciers, much-improved infrastructure and better geological knowledge have contributed to a resurgence of interest, staking and discoveries in the Golden Triangle region, factors that are directly applicable to Newco's area of interest.

"The grounds we plan to explore hold exceptional potential for the discovery of a broad range of metals," said Mr. Docherty. "One of our strategies in working with Mr. Edzerza and first nations groups is to build Newco into a project generator in Northern B.C. that can bring social and economic benefits to local first nations."

Deer Horn's vision has been to explore for, and develop, metals vital to a low-carbon economy, as well as for emerging technologies related to information processing and the advancement of clean energy, clean technology and fresh water.

"This new venture adds significant opportunities for us to explore for other metals including gold, zinc, molybdenum, platinum group metals and nickel," said Mr. Docherty. "This region has also produced significant porphyry-type deposits for copper, gold and silver."

Initial work by Newco is expected to take place this summer. Prior to staking lands with potential mineral targets, Deer Horn will seek the consent of first nations for exploration activity. Deer Horn proudly adheres to and supports the principles and rights set out in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Deer Horn will be releasing more information on this exciting venture as plans for the summer program develop.

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deer Horn Capital Inc. (CSE: DHC, OTCBB: GODYF) (or “Deer Horn”) announces that the US Department of the Interior/US Geological Survey (USGS), in its latest report on Characterization and Identification of Critical Mineral Resources, has reported:

“Global demand for critical mineral commodities is on the rise with increasing applications in consumer products, computers, automobiles, aircraft, and other advanced technology products.” Much of this demand growth, says the agency, “…is driven by new technologies that increase energy efficiency and decrease reliance on fossil fuels.”

“We have been following this trend for several years,” said Deer Horn President and CEO Tyrone Docherty. “We know that the global effort to reduce carbon emissions will require enormous amounts of critical minerals, which is why we have made it our mission to explore for and develop economic sources of these metals. Not only is the demand increasing, Deer Horn can be part of the solution for climate change in supplying them.”

Dependable supplies of critical minerals are considered essential to the U.S. economy and security. Last year the Department of the Interior, through the USGS, published its latest list of 35 critical minerals. These are minerals the U.S. Government identifies as having a supply chain vulnerable to disruption and that serve an essential function in the manufacturing of a product, “…the absence of which would have significant consequences for the economy or national security.”

Docherty noted that, “According to our recently-updated NI 43-101 Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA), the Deer Horn Property in west-central British Columbia contains at least three of the minerals designated by the USGS as 'critical' – tellurium, tungsten and bismuth. The property also contains silver and copper, both essential for solar power.”

Tellurium (Te) is key to this mix at Deer Horn. The blog Critical Metals reports that, “With solar energy growing exponentially, the supply of Te is becoming an issue of concern. The U.S. (and indeed the world) gets most of its Te as a by-product of copper refining.”

The USGS reports that approximately 85% of global tellurium is derived through a copper recovery process called electrolytic refining. To increase copper recovery from low-grade deposits, there is currently a shift in the copper production mode from electrolytic refining to solvent extraction-electrowinning (SX-EW) and copper recycling, neither of which produces tellurium as a byproduct.

In a supporting study, the U.S. Department of the Interior noted that tellurium is currently recovered as a primary resource from only two locations in the world. Critical Metals identifies these sources as “The Kankberg Mine in Västerbotten County, Sweden, which produces about 10% of the world’s tellurium, and the Dashuigou and Majiagou mines in China, which together produce from 2% to 7% of the world’s tellurium.”

Noting this domestic threat to tellurium supplies, the USGS has emphasized, “It is imperative that we understand the enrichment processes of potential alternative sources of tellurium, such as epithermal gold deposits.”

In assessing known epithermal gold deposits with meaningful amounts of recoverable tellurium, the USGS has identified the Deer Horn property as one of North America’s key tellurium properties. In its 40-page report on Tellurium from the comprehensiveCritical Mineral Resources of the United States—Economic and Environmental Geology and Prospects for Future Supply, the USGS states:

“The Deer Horn intermediate-sulfidation epithermal deposit in west-central British Columbia, Canada, contains high gold and silver grades with abundant base-metal sulfides and telluride minerals.”

The report also notes the high grades of tellurium achieved in Deer Horn drill results, with some “in the thousands of parts per million.”

According to Critical Metals, the USGS also included the Deer Horn property in its latest Professional Paper 1802-R on tellurium. “Most of these (epithermal deposits) contain gold,” says Critical Metals, “and would likely be mined for the gold first and Te second (or even third, if the deposit contains silver).”

Tellurium end users have expressed interest in the Deer Horn Property, noting that the gold and silver could greatly offset the cost of extracting the tellurium. The Deer Horn PEA notes that the indicated resource grades (using a 1 g/t cut-off) average 5.12 g/t Au, 157.5 g/t Ag and 160 ppm Te.

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Stock holding up well, better than most juniors. I plan to add on any dip lower

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JunglistGuy wrote: nice move in the stock, happy I bought yesterday, last at .325

don't forget to participate in the contest this year again on the zonte board.

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DearJohn wrote: Write up at 321 Gold

and why's that,because deer horn is a sponsor,zonte is next.

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Yes, I noticed the move. I got a good position in low 20s. looking much better now

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nice move in the stock, happy I bought yesterday, last at .325

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Thin Film, CdTe Solar Panel Value Forecast to Hit $30 Billion by 2024

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Deer Horn Capital Inc. (CSE: DHC, OTCBB: GODYF) (the “Company” or “Deer Horn”), reports that the market for thin film solar panels is expected to grow from a current value of US$8 billion to over US$30 billion by 2024, according to a research study by Global Market Insights Inc. This rapid deployment of thin film technology is also forecast to generate steady growth in the demand for tellurium, as thin film manufacturing consumes approximately 40% of the world’s tellurium supply.

Thin film panels are used primarily in commercial and utility-scale installations such as solar panel farms, large corporate installations and schools and universities. Such larger projects are generally better served by thin film’s advantages of lower costs, lighter weight, versatility and easier installation.

Today the most preferred material for thin film solar is cadmium telluride (CdTe), which represents the second-most utilized solar cell material in the world behind silicon. Some of the world’s largest solar power installations employ CdTe modules, partly for their physical advantages but also for environmental considerations. According to industry studies, CdTe offers the smallest carbon footprint, lowest water use and shortest energy payback time of all solar technologies.

As deployment of CdTe thin film photovoltaics grows, governments and industry have expressed concerns about the supply of tellurium to meet future demand. Most of the world’s tellurium comes from copper refining. However, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has noted that, due to declining copper grades worldwide, “New copper recovery processes…are being considered for implementation, but these methods do not recover tellurium. As a result, alternative sources for this critical element must be considered.”

In addition to thin film solar technology, growth in tellurium demand is expected to come from emerging technologies such as phase-change memory, next-generation batteries and tellurium nanoparticles used in water desalination.

In its exhaustive, 862-page report titled “Critical Minerals Resources of the United States—Economic and Environmental Geology and Prospects for Future Supply” published in 2017, the USGS noted that epithermal vein deposits with tellurium may offer a viable alternative for future tellurium needs. The report added: “The Deer Horn intermediate-sulfidation epithermal deposit in west-central British Columbia, Canada, contains high gold and silver grades with abundant base-metal sulfides and telluride minerals.”

Deer Horn is unique amongst mineral exploration firms, exploring and developing the only known tellurium property with an NI 43-101 compliant silver-gold-tellurium resource.

Deer Horn Capital’s recent Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for gold, silver and tellurium production at the Deer Horn property outlined a small mine operation to extract the metals economically over a nine-year mine life, based on a small portion of the known mineralized extent.

“Our intent with the Deer Horn property is to generate a small footprint, but a big impression,” said Deer Horn’s President and CEO Tyrone Docherty. “We are working under a strategy of putting the mine into production initially on a small scale, engaging and working closely with local First Nations. Considering the PEA’s forecast post-tax IRR of 42% and rapid payback of 1.6 years, we believe we can use project-generated cash and intelligence to explore and scale up the operation slowly and responsibly. The PEA confirms that the mineralization is open to the east and west and also at depth.”

Details of the Deer Horn gold-silver-tellurium PEA can be accessed on the Company’s website here.

“Our plans for 2019 are to complete the recommended Phase 1 work to advance the Deer Horn property to pre-feasibility,” added Docherty. “This would include additional mapping and exploration drilling.”

Docherty added: “Due to Deer Horn’s ‘first mover’ status for tellurium exploration, we’ve been contacted by companies with other tellurium properties in North America, as well as by tellurium end users. We are looking seriously at other acquisitions to expand our tellurium portfolio.”

About Deer Horn Capital
Deer Horn Capital is committed to exploring for, and providing, strategic and critical metals vital to a low-carbon economy and for the advancement of technology. Presently focused on the extremely rare metal tellurium, Deer Horn is advancing a 51-square kilometer land package that hosts North America’s only known mineral property with a certified NI 43-101 tellurium resource. The Company’s leadership has a track record of project monetization with a board and advisory group that includes industry leaders in finance, mineral property development, geology, mineralogy, solar power, engineering, research and First Nations engagement and economic development.

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Not sure how the formatting will come out on this copy and paste

January 9, 2019
I’m taking this opportunity to wish all of you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2019. I also want to give you an update on our status and plans for 2019 at Deer Horn.
But First, Here’s Why I Believe in This Company
Over the past 20+ years, I have taken on only two ventures. The first was Quinto Mining, where with limited resources in a difficult market we raised more than $30 million and advanced a Quebec iron ore property to a viable project. We then sold Quinto to Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines for a share value equal to $175M (starting from $4M). I view Deer Horn as a very similar opportunity, which is why I enthusiastically became president and CEO. My long-term view is the same as it was with Quinto.
In Deer Horn, we have:
1. An exceptional property in British Columbia covering over 51 square kilometers
2. High grades for silver, gold and tellurium with targets for copper, tungsten, zinc, lead and molybdenum
3. The only known tellurium property in North America with an NI 43-101 certified tellurium resource
4. A mineralized zone that remains open to the east, west and down-dip
5. A robust Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) with a 1.6-year payback on just 20% of the current target
6. A small, open-pit mine plan that lowers the capital requirements (CDN$28.3 million), minimizes permitting requirements and greatly facilitates our engagement with regional First Nations.
While tellurium is the feature mineral, the property’s gold and silver make it especially attractive to a potential tellurium buyer. I have never seen anything like it, and rest assured I am committed to making this venture a success.
A Remarkable Turnaround for Deer Horn
We have completed a remarkable turnaround for Deer Horn over the last 18 months while enduring very difficult markets. We believe 2019 will mark a watershed year for the company. Here’s why:
• Deer Horn has a clean and tight share structure
• We have cash for near-term needs (with plans for further funding)
• Our planned work includes Phase 1 prep for a preliminary feasibility study
• A pending agreement to acquire the high-grade Colorado Klondike tellurium property in Colorado. (We expect to conclude the agreement in the next 30 days.)
Resilience in Our Share Price
Over the past three months, our share price has shown resilience while most juniors have been battered. I believe this strength is due largely to the factors just mentioned, but also because of our exceptional share structure. In addition, Deer Horn is not part of the crowded space in the lithium and cobalt sectors. Our tellurium focus gives us a unique identity amongst critical metals firms.

Tellurium and Deer Horn in the News
We have also enjoyed increasing exposure in the news around tellurium. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only junior company in North America focused on tellurium exploration. As we continue to report on tellurium’s expanding uses for technology and to solve crucial world problems, our visibility is expanding.
Funding and Our Next Exploration Program
We are considering various funding options to proceed with our next round of exploration at the Deer Horn property. This would allow us to get back on the property in the spring and proceed with Phase 1 recommendations from our recent PEA, which include additional surface mapping and drilling.
Listing in the United States
To make it easier for U.S. investors to participate in Deer Horn, we are investigating options for moving our shares to a larger, more visible U.S. exchange. We should have further news about this later in 2019.
Management’s Ongoing Commitment
I’d like to emphasize that management is solidly committed to realizing the ambitious vision for Deer Horn. Management and insiders hold a significant portion of the outstanding share capital, and I continue to add to my position. In other words, I “walk the talk” when it comes to our commitment to make Deer Horn a success.
Thanks for your ongoing support, and I look forward to delivering more good news in 2019. As always, please contact me directly with any questions or concerns. I welcome the feedback and conversations.
Tyrone Docherty,
President and CEO
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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davplan, looks like you got a good price
The following user(s) said Thank You: davplan

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