Performance 2016  -        38 Resource picks Avg Gain +76%,          5 Options Avg +311%,  Millennium Index Avg +19.7% plus 7.1% yield

At Sept 29, 2017 - Top gainers YTD over 100%   Garibaldi 1300%, NewRange 309%, Zonte Metals 300%, Jaxon Mining 186% Smartcool 125%, Vanadiumcorp 117%

Subscriber Comments       Oct 2017 -new Lithium pick             Near production Graphite pick

Nov. 29 - Selling GOOG about $20 gain, selling FB about $6 gain, selling ATVI $0.50 loss  - - -Nov 28 - selling TSLA $12 gain

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Best Stocks to Buy - How to Invest in Stocks

I was not sure what to call this section, Best Stocks to Buy or Stocks to Buy Now, so I went with the double heading.

Here I provide easy access to the most popular stocks that Investors like in the Stock Market, whether to own them, trade them or talk about them. Stocks like Apple stock - aapl.  Tesla stock - tsla, Amazon stock - amzn, Facebook stock - fb, Netflix stock -nflx, Yahoo stock - yhoo

Symbols are listed in a sidebar below  you can click  for (15 min delayed) charts. These are interactive technical charts so you can play and add your own indicators

aapl, amzn, tsla, nflx, klac, vrx, sune, gbsn, avxl, uwti, yhoo, kmi, fb, qrvo, aezs, avxl, atvi, kbio, cmg, twtr, gpro, baba, sune  Easy to find in one place - further below I have an individual news feed on each one of these Top Stocks. 

Every few weeks we categorize these stocks into 3 zones, buy, sell and neutral. This does not necessarily mean to buy or sell them but they are at levels you should watch for trading and fundamentals are not considered. Our Elevator room gives technical specifics on what positions we are establishing and considers fundamentals as well.

Below is the last update,  we usually show two so you can see changes but there has been little change recently

February 28th - we have moved mostly to the sidelines as the market is currently way over bought. The DOW has made 12 consecutive record highs and that just scares us. We are dabbling around a bit in Gold and Oils where we can find some value in places.

Currently we see a good chance of a significant correction and will wait patiently, happy with our gains so far this year


Best Stocks - Buy Zone


Best Stocks - Sell Zone


Best Stocks - Neutral Zone





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